RevenueHits Review 2017 with Earnings Proof!

Are you a publisher and you tired from low revenue from your blogs , websites or forums?
you got banned from google adsense and do you search the best adsense alternative ? Dont worry RevenueHits is the best adsense alternative for you, read Revenuehits review, see earnings and Revenuehits payment proofs and feel free to sign up as a publisher to become a part of the family!
Revenuehits earnings
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What is Revenuehits?
RevenueHits is a one of the best adsense alternatives help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo targeted Ad Serving technology. Revenuehits innovative Performance Base (CPA, CPM and Pop Up) Ad Network was designed to help publishers to monetize online assets, including toolbars, websites, search, widgets, IM applications and more.
RevenueHits ad serving technology delivers more than 2 billion impressions daily to a growing clientele of thousands of publishers, across the world.
What is mean Revenuehits CPA Ad network ?
CPA is an abbreviation for "Cost Per Action" means than Revenuehits pay for action not just for clicks , action like instaling a program, plugins, or inscription in a web site etc... so that revenuehits is highly recommended for downloading, entertainment, and torrentz sites because with these types of web sites its certainly any visitor will make an action.
Can i use Revenuehits and Google adsense both in my web site?
Yes sure! you can use revenuehits and google adsense ads in the same web site without any problem.
Wish types of niches Revenuehits recommended for? 
This CPA ad network is highly recommended for : Entertainment sites, Movies downloading, Games and Apps downloading, Torrent sites and more...
What are the RevenueHits ad network features ?
  1. The Highest eCPMs paid to publishers (CPM rates $0).
revenuehits cpm rates
  1. Immediate account activation and without any requirements.
  2. The minimum payout is just 20$ and you can keep your threshold payment as you like! 
  3. You can add many blogs and web sites that you own without any problems.
  4. Worldwide coverage .
  5. Easy and Fast Tags set up.
RevenueHits Ad formats :
Revenuehits offers several ad formats such as :
  • Banners : Choose any banner size that match your site to gain access our huge pool of advertisers. RevenueHits algorithm will find the best performing offers for your site to optimize your earnings.
  • Text Ads : Why not use the power of text to help you increase the revenues from your site? Revenuehits offer regular and contextual text ads, which can be integrated with other formats in your site, or can stand on its own.
  • Pop Ups/Unders : By adding Pop Ups or Pop Unders to your site/app, you will boost your revenue immediately. Revenuehits system will display it in a control way in order to optimize your performances. and you can easily disallow Pop Ups ads from your dashboard : Just click Account - Preferences then uncheck to disable Pop Ads.
  • Apps & Widgets : You can make money not only from your Site, but even from your Apps or Widgets.Revenuehits  have special formats for your needs that will help you monetize your App or Widget.
RevenueHits Payment methods :
RevenueHits Pay in net 30 terms, therefore your next payment is the previous month balance amount.
Earnings per month are your revenues for this period.
Current Balance include all unpaid Revenuehits earnings of the current month and previous periods.
Revenuehits earnings
Revenuehits earnings

In order to update billing information, click 'Account' on the menu bar and choose 'Billing Information' tab.
Payment via : Paypal , Payoneer and wire transfer
RevenueHits minimum payout : $20
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